People who have access to and control over their money will always prevail during challenging economic times.

~ Professor Rodney Ballance, Jr.

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Employers, the Unsuspecting Slaves of Investment Banks

We all believed that slavery has been dead in America for over 150 years, but the wealthy investment bankers have found a way to cause millions of unsuspecting business owners to work for them for FREE.  In fact, in most cases the employers are actually paying to do the dirty work without even knowing it. [...]


5 Things you Must Do With Your Money in 2016, and WHY!

My phone rings constantly these days from people wanting to know my thoughts on what to expect from the economy this year, and how they can best multiply their assets. As I tell everyone with whom I speak, I am not an economist, politician or a fortune teller. I have been blessed with the ability [...]


When “Qualifying” is NOT a Good Thing

I get asked about the differences between retirement plans nearly every day by people trying to do the right things with their money. Most of the confusion circulates around the terminology of “Qualified” and “Non-Qualified”. I’d like to take a couple minutes to clear up some misconceptions. A so called “Qualified plan” includes your 401k, [...]



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